Welcome to Wellness Awareness Recovery Network

A safe space to share healing solutions!

About Us

We are a safe space for sharing healing solutions. We are parents, grandparents, adult children, and people recovering from and overcoming physical, emotional, and mental challenges.  We have found that sharing and caring is healing.  Our passion is to network and engage with the spiritual beings and information that are choosing to "participate in our own salvation".

Why You Should Join Us

We know that everything begins in the spiritual realm and we are raising our vibration and improving our connection to the source of all energy which is L-O-V-E!  You will feel better, know more, and be the best you by engaging in this community.  You will create the reality you have always known is your destiny.

A Big Thanks

Thank you for your financial and energetic support!!  It allows us to engage the talented people who maintain this community, remain independent, and provides us the opportunity to procure the most useful information.  With your assistance, we are able to create events and network the kinds of service providers that make all of our lives better!